With BarBrain you half the time

spend on inventory management

How do I save money with BarBrain?

BarBrain reduces the duration of your inventory recording enormously. Based on our experience, we can reduce the number of staff required by 50% and also the recording time by an average of 60%. There is no need for post-processing or transferring the values to Excel. With BarBrain, the manpower can be reduced to one person and the recording time can be reduced by 50 - 60%. A regular inventory with precise data also has a major influence on the loss of drinks. Experience has shown that this can be reduced significantly with BarBrain.

Can I also add multiple sites / locations?

Of course! To add another company, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to:
  2. Click the name of your business in the top left
  3. Then click on "Create new location"
  4. Choose your plan and off you go!

Can I try BarBrain for free?

Sure! You can test BarBrain for 14 days free of charge - with all features, of course. If you do not take out a plan, your test will automatically end after the test period.

Which products can I inventory with BarBrain?

With BarBrain you can inventory every product that you can photoshoot - whether it is drinks, food or other stuff (e.g. pans, aprons, cutlery, ...). There are over 8,000 articles in our product catalog (the number is increasing), so you only have to create a few articles yourself. Here you will mainly find spirits, beers and alcohol free drinks

For which type of business is BarBrain designed?

We developed BarBrain in close cooperation with bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.

What do I have to do if I want to continue using BarBrain after the trial?

It's very simple: you have to log into the web app at ( with your profile. If your trial period has already expired, a window will automatically appear in which you can see the individual plans. If you are still in the trial period, click on "Upgrade" in the upper right corner and select a plan.

Which devices does BarBrain work on?

BarBrain is available as an app for Android and iOS devices. You can use the app on both tablets and smartphones. There is also the web app in the browser.

What is the difference between the web and mobile app?

In principle, you can do the same thing with both apps. There are only two differences: 1. Counting your products, i.e. the inventory itself, only works via the mobile app. 2. The administration of all payment data and invoices only works via the web app.

How long is the contract term?

Since most users love BarBrain and we are a big fan of flexibility, we decided against longer contract terms! So you can start a plan and cancel it at any time on a monthly basis - so you always remain flexible with us.

Can someone explain to me how to best use BarBrain?

Simply arrange a free masterclass with our team using the following link:

With BarBrain you half the time

spend on inventory management

Save on average over 60% of your personnel costs and reduce your waste at the same time.